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The Get Mutual Co-op Builder is currently undergoing maintenance.

Please use BCCM’s FREE Co-op Builder on the Co-operative Farming website to prepare your constitution. 

If you require support to move an existing incomplete constitution from the Get Mutual Co-op Builder to the Co-op Builder on Co-operative Farming, please email the BCCM web support team.


The Get Mutual Co-op Builder is a FREE step-by-step tool to help groups prepare and understand the legal documents required to form a co-operative in Australia. Initial development of the Co-op Builder was funded by the Federal Government through the Farming Together Pilot Program. It is adapted and published under licence from the Southern Cross University. The Farming Together Co-op Builder is suitable for farming groups. 

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On 1 December 2020, the Co-operatives National Law (CNL), was commenced in Queensland. BCCM has updated the Co-op Builder to reflect this change for co-operatives registering in Queensland. 


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