Looking for help with co-op business planning? The Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals offers support, information and resources for new groups undertaking co-op business planning.


Workshop your co-op idea

Test your co-operative idea with a face-to-face or telephone Co-ops 101 workshop with BCCM.

Get a referral

The BCCM provides referrals to advisors who can assist with the fundamentals of co-operative business planning:

  • Co-operative development and business planning
    • Test the feasibility of your co-operative idea.
    • Develop your co-operative business plan.
  • Legal and governance
    • Get advice on co-operative and mutual legal structures and governance.
  •  Accounting and auditing
    • Develop your financial projections and tax position.
    • Advice from professionals experienced in co-operatives.
  •  Co-operative finance
    • Guidance on co-operative securities and financing options.

Contact the BCCM for a referral.

The BCCM does not warrant or guarantee the work undertaken by any advisers or professionals under referral and is not liable in relation to goods or services such advisers or professionals may provide to you. The BCCM makes all attempts to provide accurate and up-to-date information but does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of information provided.

Virtual support

Register for BCCM’s online module – What are Co-operatives and Mutuals? 

Browse BCCM’s summary of co-operative education in Australia.

News and events

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The BCCM hosts educational events suitable for new and existing co-operatives. See what’s coming up.  

Find a co-op

Co-operatives are usually willing to share information to assist other co-operatives at all stages of development. Reach out to a co-op in your area or industry using the Co-operatives and Mutuals Geolocator.

Become a member of the BCCM

Co-operatives and mutuals can become a friend or a full member of the BCCM. The BCCM is the national peak body for the co-operative and mutual sector. Get member-only support, resources and networking opportunities. Contact us to discuss the benefits of membership as a start-up co-op.

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