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Across Australia, there are co-operative and mutual enterprises (CMEs) of all sizes operating in all industry sectors from health, housing, aged care, child care and education to agriculture, banking, retail, insurance, arts and motoring.

There is an estimated 2000 CMEs around Australia working for a combined 14.8 million memberships. From large, billion dollar firms to smaller, non-profit community enterprises, CMEs are formed to benefit their members who are also their owners, rather than shareholder investors.

Discover stories about co-operatives and mutuals from Australia and around the world on the global digital co-operative case study archive –

Read 50 stories of Australian co-operation in Building a Better Australia, the 2012 International Year of Co-operatives Commemorative Book.

Get Mutual proudly presents the Pathfinders Series, case studies of Public Service Mutuals to inform you about the social and economic benefits of co-operatives that deliver public services.

Learn about co-operatives working in the areas of health, housing, aged care, disability and employment and gain insights into setting up and running a successful Public Service Mutual.

19 primary producer case studies

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