Rapid Group Co-operative

The cleaning supply experts.

The extended version of this case study is presented in T Mazzarol, Australia’s Leading Co-operative and Mutual Enterprises in 2018, which is part of the CEMI Discussion Paper series.

Rapid Group Co-operative (RapidClean), which has over 60 member stores located throughout Australia and New Zealand, provides a cost-effective ‘one-stop-shop’ for its customers to source cleaning products.

Bruce Lees notes the challenge of delivering value to all members.

Member diversity is a main distinguishing feature of the co-operative.

Relatively few co-operatives expand outside their country of origin, and the expansion of RapidClean into New Zealand only took place recently, in 2017.

Centralisation has changed the dynamics of how small suppliers need to operate.

In its quest to secure national and international contracts for its members, RapidClean has invested in the development of its brand.

Although much of members’ initial motivation to join RapidClean is driven by financial issues, the co-operative also sees its importance in terms of building social capital by facilitating networking.

RapidClean has developed a five-year strategic plan that seeks to double the co-operative’s total purchasing volume.