is the world’s first global, digital campaign to spread the benefits of cooperation through the tradition of story-telling. It delivers the UN’s message “Cooperative enterprises build a better world” to the global public in International Year of Cooperatives  2012. was developed to demonstrate to the world the benefits of the co-operative way of doing business, through stories of cooperation. BCCM played an integral role in the design and development of – a collection of co-op stories from around the globe. 


Aboriginal Medical Services is an Aboriginal primary health care service provider, offering medical and dental care as well as a drug and alcohol clinic nearby.

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The Borderlands Co-operative has been involved in community, social and international development, ecological sustainability, social justice and participatory approaches to research and evaluation since end-1997. It was formally established as a not-for-profit cooperative with elected Directors, in July 1998. 

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Capricorn is a member based organisation proudly operating by cooperative principles to primarily support businesses in the automotive industry. This approach allows Members to better manage their businesses by saving time and money and ultimately to increase profits. 

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CHOISES provides cooperative housing for young women in Sydney, Australia providing empowerment, learning, and real choices for young women.

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Australia’s largest inland community credit union which has retained local decision making and community involvement that sets us apart from our competitors. We aim to provide trusted community banking through our commitment to our member owners, our values of integrity, respect and fairness and the cooperative principles.

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Norco is a dairy co-operative owned by our member suppliers who operate Australian dairy farms. Norco is committed to building its financial strength and stability, which includes enhancing the economic vitality and diversity of the rural and regional communities in which we operate, securing a sustainable supply chain and developing win-win partnerships in the markets that we serve.

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Plumber Supplies Co-operative (PSC) sells plumbing gear to plumbers, many of whom are members. Customers of the co-operative obtain extra financial benefits – discounted prices, a rebate based on the volume of their purchases and an annual dividend based on the size of their shareholding.

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The handsome and historic Renmark Hotel, in South Australia’s Murray River region, is the oldest co-operatively owned hotel in the British Commonwealth. Since 1897 it has provided hospitality and fine local produce to the local farming community that owns it.

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The West Belconnen Health Co-op is an affordable medical and health centre in the Australian Capital Territory that is owned by its patients.

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