Yenda Producers Co-operative

The Yenda Producers’ Co-operative Society Ltd (YPC) is one of Australia’s oldest continuously operated co-operatives and one of its largest by annual turnover. 

The extended version of this case study is presented in Australia’s Leading Co-operative and Mutual Enterprises in 2019, which is part of the CEMI Discussion Paper series.

Operating as a group, Yenda Producers’ Co-operative Society Ltd (YPC) provides a range of professional services and agricultural supplies such as fertilisers, chemicals, biologicals, seeds and hardware.

“Probably the two drivers were the community’s desire for a better deal, so the community got together to form the co-ops to self-service and on the other side of the coin, many of the existing suppliers and buyers were probably ratbags who were ripping them off.”

Discover the history of YPC from 20s and 30s through to current day.

“Management and governance are the two factors that have given it the rollercoaster ride since the 1920s.”

Since foundation YPC has had a diverse membership base reflecting the varied agricultural, horticultural and pastoral business activities in the region. 

A critical issue for YPC is the need to get all the co-operative’s staff to fully understand the value the business can offer to members and for staff to be able to communicate this to the membership and the wider community.

Climate change and the future of water supply for irrigation is the most important threat facing YPC.