Key learnings

1. Networking: The success of TCL is in large part due to the contribution of homecare co-operatives who shared their experiences in establishing and operating a successful business. Don’t be afraid to bring in experts to provide specialist support such as legal, accounting and business management. This will help to ensure your business is well supported and has opportunities to succeed.

2. Gather data: To get a clear idea of what is happening in the co-operative it is crucial to gather sufficient financial and social data. 

3. Outcomes not outputs: Focusing on outcomes, rather than outputs, is in line with the principles and purpose of a employee owned co-operative.

4. Use technology: Make the most of  technology to help reduce business overheads and manage the key functions of the business such as finances, payroll, resourcing, rosters and client management plans and records. These technologies will enable small operators such as employee owned co-operatives to operate more efficiently and effectively in meeting client and worker needs as well as remaining viable in an increasingly competitive marketplace.