Overcoming challenges

NHC has overcome a range of challenges to be a growing success today.

NHC-Table1Table 1: The key challenges faced by NHC and how they have been overcome

In early 2015 David Bailey transitioned from CEO into the newly created role of Chief Development Officer. This signals a renewed focus on the sustained expansion of NHC within Canberra and beyond1.

‘Continuing the growth of the NHC is fundamental to our ongoing sustainability and our objective to delivering affordable medical and related services to the community’1.

NHC is a firm believer that the community can become part of the national health movement. Managing Director, Adrian Watts believes that the way forward for NHC is to strengthen international collaboration, given the scale of co-operative health in Brazil, Canada, USA and Europe. International experiences can assist NHC continue to grow and maintain an organisational focus on health outcomes.