Disability Inclusion in the Cooperatives and Mutuals Sector in Australia Report

The BCCM commissioned this research to determine how the CME sector in Australia currently performs with regard to the inclusion of people with disabilities as employees, and to identify practices that could support businesses within the sector to become ‘employers of choice’ for people with disabilities in the future.

Per Capita undertook research into the current state of employment of people with disabilities in the CME sector compared to the national average, through a combination of desktop research and an online survey of workers in the CME sector. This was enhanced by two workshops with sector representatives, using a social innovation, co-design methodology to explore the lived experiences of people in the sector, and to uncover potential barriers to greater inclusion of people with disabilities as employees.

This report outlines our findings about the state of disability inclusion across the CME sector in Australia and provides a tool-kit to enable individual businesses within the sector to develop their own, tailored Accessibility and Inclusion Action Plans.