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This thematic research demonstrates what cooperatives around the globe are doing in favour of peacebuilding and conflict resolution, in particular how they can be a tool for change. 

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Make sure your co-op is ready to make the most of the new national co-operatives legislation when it commences in Queensland. The webinar will cover: a brief overview of Co-operatives National Law (CNL); the key changes for Queensland co-ops as a result of CNL; cross-border trading; directors duties; definition of a small co-op; co-operative Capital Units; use of technology for governance processes; how to take advantage of the changes; when are rule changes required; and tips for reviewing and changing your rules. 

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Recommendations, guidance and commentary for effective member-focussed governance.

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BCCM have produced a new resource for members to help build understanding about the diversity of the sector. Defining Mutuality is a paper explaining exactly what are co-ops and mutuals and how they fit together as a unified sector.

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A decades-long study on stakeholder engagement in businesses concluded stakeholder ownership is essential to achieve real changes in corporate behaviour. CMEs are leading examples of customer, producer and employee ownership of businesses.

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Dr Guy Turnbull has set out to explore how corporate diversity can empower people with disability as citizens, so they are able to exercise real choice and control in a diversified marketplace of providers.

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Could switching to employee ownership help your business? Learn more with Carole Leslie, a specialist adviser at CDS Scotland, and get the information you need in this series of short videos.

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The paper identifies how community wealth building ‘fits’ given models and theories of regional development, with particular reference to anticipated critiques of the concept from neo-liberal economic perspectives.

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Browse BCCM's COVID-19 resources including videos, fact sheets and reviews of grants and support available to co-operatives and mutuals in Australia.

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The Co-op Money Infrastructure project aims to develop a global and decentralized infrastructure for payments and other financial services as well as financial instruments.