Run a Coop

All co-operatives need to consider how they will raise the finance to achieve their objectives. For start ups this could mean considering how you will raise the money for initial equipment purchases and operations. For established co-operatives it could be a strategic opportunity you want to take advantage of but requires an injection of funds.  

Staying on track to achieve objectives also requires good governance and constant measurement and reporting. The tools and resources in this section are here to support this process.

Attracting funding for a new idea requires planning from the start. There are two phases requiring finance in the development of all new co-operatives.

Governance is the means by which an organisation’s purpose is translated into action.

Incorporating measurement and reporting systems from the start of a co-operative’s operations is crucial so that performance can be monitored from the beginning. 

Looking for help to run and grow your co-op? The BCCM offers support, resources and information for existing co-operatives looking to grow.